GROW YOUR BUSINESS Faster with a professional!

  • Is your business achieving the results you imagined?
  • Do you need a professional business builder to get your company moving in an upwardly direction?
  • Would you love to expedite the growth process and realize success quickly?

Hire A consultant?

Avoid common pitfalls which stymie even the most confident investors, entrepreneurs, and new business ventures. I've created a niche in turnaround and makeovers of struggling businesses due to the frequency of miscalculated decisions and poor planning. You can prevent unnecessary mistakes before and during the launch of your business. I've made the mistakes through trial and error. I will save you time and money and prevent you from a catastrophic and sudden demise of your business. I'd love the opportunity to speak with you and learn more about you and your project.

My Services

Below is a brief list of services I provide my clients.

Business & Sales Models

I create, develop and implement effective success models for businesses.

Marketing Implementation

Generating leads and incoming traffic is paramount to any business. I’ll build an effective marketing strategy for specific situation.

Sales Training

The sales process has evolved and the way consumers make buying decisions has as well. I can share the latest techniques and strategies to close deals in a modern market. 


Branding is a key element for building a sustainable, long lasting business. Start off right with the proper brand guidelines to ensure your businesses success.


Managing any business is challenging. There are many variables and factors which can positively or negatively affect a business. Strong leadership is the most effective way to manage. Learn to lead.

Motivational & Public Speaking

I speak to large groups and share my experience and knowledge pertaining to building businesses from ideation. I provide the information and tools necessary for individuals and companies to grow.


I help companies and organizations improve their performance. I will analyze existing organizational problems and develop a detailed plan for improvement. I provide a fresh outside perspective in assessing and solving business problems. I provide insight, guidance, and advice on management, general business strategy, sales, marketing, and operations. 


Entrepreneurship is embedded in my DNA. I’m unable to escape the urge to create, build and grow new businesses, so I’ve learned to embrace it. I’ve built businesses from ideation since I was 18 years old. I made a lot of mistakes. The mistakes I made were avoidable if I would have listened to my peers and more experienced professionals. I learned the hard way by going at it alone. It’s been challenging to have to pick myself up over and over after being knocked down again and again. After more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience, I’m helping others by providing insight and applying real-world experience to businesses and individuals in need of a professional consultant with unique skill and expertise.

Time is money

Time is one of our most valuable resources. It can’t be replaced! Don’t waste time and money learning the hard way. Retain the services of a professional and avoid costly mistakes which prevent many businesses from succeeding.

Location is everything

I selected Nashville, Tennessee as my primary HQ due to it’s proximity to nearly half of the nations population. Nashville, is one of the fastest growing cities in America and a great place to live, work, and play.

Nashville, TN.